We have rebranded!

We have rebranded!

Hi Besties!

As you may have noticed, ‘Cositas By Steph’ is currently going through a total rebrand. We are now ‘Healing Hearts Shop’. I’ve completely redesigned our new brand and I’m in love with how it came out! With that being said, I thought I’d go more into the reason for my rebrand.

When I started my small business in July of 2023, I originally wanted to create a feel-good brand that focused on mental health, wellness, and healing. Sadly, over the last few months, I realized that I have slowly strayed away from that passion. As much as my inner child loves the Hello Kitty cups, I have decided to create a brand that makes me (and you) feel good and raise awareness for mental health and well-being.

Starting March 1st, our online shop will reopen, and our new collection will launch (baby tees)!! I plan on coming out with new collections once a month including clothing, accessories, glassware, and more. You will notice our website will still have the remaining cups from Cositas By Steph that I have in stock. However, once they sell out, I will not be bringing them back, unless I believe they go with our new brand.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my brand. I’m thrilled to see what the future of ‘Healing Hearts’ brings.

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